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Dear Social Media, I’m Saying Goodbye. It’s Not You…It’s Me.

by christina

posted September 26, 2013

category christina, musings, self-employment

My friend and fellow writer Megan gave up Facebook in July, and she told me that for a while after quitting, it almost felt like an uncontrollable tic — she’d write, then want to check Facebook, write, want to check Facebook. I nodded in agreement and it’s been on my mind ever since. In fact, I’ve [...]

Life is Beautiful and Life is Hard, All at Once

by christina

posted September 6, 2013

category christina, musings

Usually, I want summer to end so that I can soak up every second of fall. But this summer was different. Don’t get me wrong — I fully intend on buying a million pumpkin spice lattes and cinnamon pinecones, but I actually really loved this summer. It was full of family and celebrating 90th birthdays, [...]

Strawberry Peach Tart and So Much More

by christina

posted July 18, 2013

category baking, family

Zach and I returned from a glorious week in Wisconsin (where his parents live), and we got to cuddle with our adorable nieces that we don’t see often enough, given they live in Montana. Coming home to Tennessee wasn’t hard, but leaving our loves ones behind — now, that was difficult. We took home hundreds [...]

All of These Unexpected Gifts [and Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble]

by christina

posted May 23, 2013

category christina, cooking

The beautiful thing about gifts is they don’t usually require anything in return except for gratitude. Recently, I was the recipient of a gift. It was a gift that was highly unexpected and its sheer generosity made my breath catch. I’ve mentioned here the annual Mystery Trip my high school friends and I do every summer. We’ve [...]

On Freefall to Fly, and How It’s Helping Me with Freelancing

by christina

posted April 26, 2013

category baking, christina, freelancing

My earliest memories with my dad involve The Tale of Peter Rabbit and all of the lettuce that he nibbled on in Mr. McGregor’s garden. My dad always remembers that by age three, my sister and I would “read” the book out loud to him as he turned the pages. From the laps of my [...]

Let’s Come Out of Isolation

by christina

posted April 10, 2013

category christina, cooking, freelancing

Ever since my leap into freelance writing three months ago, I’ve been climbing a steep learning curve. It’s been fun and hard, and I absolutely love what I do. However, working as a freelance writer can also be extremely isolating. I’ve learned the hard way that when I am frustrated or discouraged or need someone [...]

Adoption Interview: Janine Osterink

by christina

posted March 21, 2013

category adoption, twins

Today, we’re doing another guest interview on adoption with Janine Osterink, twin sister to Janna, who we featured earlier. We grew up with Janna and Janine (Korean twins in a very Dutch community), and they have both experienced the uniquely joyful experience of meeting their birthmother. Janna met her in 2005, and Janine went back with her [...]

On Seeing My Name in Print

by christina

posted March 12, 2013

category christina, freelancing

Today, I’m going to re-direct your attention to another website: my writing website. While we talk about a lot here on A Tale of Twins, including adoption, food, sisters, and so many other fun topics, I don’t want to overwhelm any friends with a general onslaught of my recent publications. However, as a freelance writer, [...]

More Than Just A Sour Fruit

by nicole

posted March 4, 2013

category baking, nicole

Recently, I was dropping a dear friend at the airport after a brief visit. On the car ride there, we tried to continue cramming in conversation until the very end, when I would hug her and thank her for coming and try to communicate by the tone of my voice just how wonderful it was [...]

Repentance and Rest

by christina

posted March 1, 2013

category christina, freelancing

Freelancing is not for the faint of heart — I am beginning to learn this as I struggle through the daunting work of networking and brainstorming and lots of things that don’t come naturally to my introverted self. The ebb and flow of ‘having work’ and then ‘not having work’ seemed like a romantic sort [...]